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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

Question 1. Is the forum free to use?

Answer 1: The discussion forum is free to use and there is no cost to join.

Sales representatives, brokers, mortgage specialists, accountants, home inspectors are encourage to join and post answers to questions asked. This will help you gain new potential clients and spread the word about your services.

Question 2. Can I post anything on this forum?

Answer 2: You can post real estate related questions and answers on this forum. We do not allow pictures, images and posting of criminal activities, hate speeches and other offensive material on our community forum

Anyone doing so will be banned and whenever there is a post of that nature, please alert us by flagging it. The more times a post is flagged, it will become hidden.

Question 3. Do you charge to advertise?

Answer 3: As the forum is free to use, we do not charge should you want to post your advertisement when posting or answering questions on the forum.

However, any advertisers who want to have their post or banner display more prominently in prime spots then there will be a charge associated with that.

For more information about advertising on Realtor World, send email to info@realtorworld.ca

Question 4. Do I need to register to participate?

Answer 4: Yes, you have to register to ask a question or answer a question. This will help prevent SPAM and provide better quality answers. To avoid having to go through the verification process in the future, signing up for an account is the best way.