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Anyone with suggestions on whether investing at the Shops at Don Mills Flaire Condos project would be a good investment?  The Shops at Don Mills is dubbed the Yorkville of the north.

Here's the link: Flaire condos

Did some research already and it seems to be a good location with everything nearby within walking distance.

Flaire condos

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It depends on what you mean by "everything nearby within walking distance".  You'll have to drive for: dry cleaners, shoe repair, toys, school supplies, electronics, household appliances, hardware (picture hangers, nails, buckets, etc.), home decor (wallpaper, lamps, end tables).
Yes, true.  I guess walking distance to the supermarket, LBCO, restaurant, clothing store is what I meant.  Structube did open up recently so I guess, I can cross lamps and table off the list now too.
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